Audience Feedback

The people. For centuries, these voices have spoken more for Theatre and Arts than many others. Luckily, the general public have adored our work at An Audience With… and have recognised the importance of preserving these women’s work and learning about their lives.

2019 Luminate Festival

 ‘It was beautiful – and beautiful to see yet another iteration of AAW…it is the shape-shifting smash of the season!’

‘I don’t have the words to describe how much I enjoyed An Audience with…  It was very emotional with history, nostalgia, dance, love, passion, health, positive outlook, humour, great experiences, strong women and many other things all rolled into one. It was good for the(my) soul to see the muscle memory the ladies had and how they could recall so much information.  It would be great if there was some way of making sure young people, in schools for example, could see a film of these amazing ladies talking about the role that dance has had in their lives.’

‘What a fantastic experience. Thank-you’

Thank-you so much, touching and beautiful. So nice to listen to these incredible life stories. Thanks also for letting us dance. I have never thought I could ever tap-dance! It was wonderful to learn from these extraordinary women!

A fantastic show and a fantastic project. An honour to hear from these incredible women. Great to see how much the ladies enjoy dancing. Showed the joy in movement. True heroes!

Five stars! Wonderfully interesting, moving, interactive. So informative. A step back in time (no pun intended!) Thank-you for a wonderfully fun afternoon.

We found this very interesting and enjoyed hearing the stories. Amazing ladies – Marion Age 87.

‘Beautifully informing histories. Wonderful to share being in the presence of great dancing spirits. They still have it! So able and still producing the performance ‘illusion and magic’. So very well done all of you’

‘Really amazing to learn so much about such a group of stunning women. Fascinating. Thank-you so much for this opportunity. Really moving and touching at points also.’

‘A wonderful gutsy and intimately choreographed afternoon honouring stellar women. Thank-you’

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