Seizing the Moment

July 7th, 2016

We welcomed Marie in the main foyer, her first visit with us at the Festival Theatre, there was a buzz in the building, and a delight to meet someone who had performed on the stage of the old Empire. Martin Clark was with us filming and caught the moment on camera – it was quite a moment! After a great number of hours talking and recording in the Lafayette Bar, an unplanned opportunity arose when Festival Theatre’s Cerin Richardson joined us to not only meet and welcome Marie but to seize the moment with an impromptu opportunity for Marie to go onto the main stage which was being set up for another show. What a powerful experience to witness – Marie stood for a while centre stage, taking it in and taking her moment. The size and scale of both the stage and the auditorium hit her with pride and awe, “I did this” she said, “I actually stood here and held this whole audience”

Marie talked about which side of the wings she came in from during her Raymond Sister’s act, and the lights and gels, and quick changes in the wings. Then she and I stood centre stage and danced together with the tap time step that Marie had taught me the first week before. I am glad I practised! It was a gorgeous powerful moment for us both. And all of it on film! The camera’s presence heightened things and made it clear that, from Marie’s perspective, we can continue to film.” – Janice Parker

Published by Dominic Corr

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