Happy Endings

February 19th, 2018

We got our ipad mini today! It is great for researching dancers, and dance film clips as well as for playing our music.  We watched clips of Wayne McGregor, DV8, Ana Teresa der Keersmaker, NDT, Gotenberg Dance Co., CanDoCo, Jerome Bel and Batsheva Dance Company, The Nicholas Brothers on you tube, clips from West Side Story and Strictly Ballroom and Deanna Durbin, as Katie had never seen her before. Doreen talked of how much movies meant to her, and most folks, when she was growing up, “We always thought life had a happy ending. The only difference being you wouldn’t get quite the same response as on the films because no-one was quite as beautiful or handsome, but it was always going to be happy. Such innocence!” says Doreen. Taught the second of our staff tap classes, also did The Slosh and Waltzing in the Clouds Deanna Durbin chair ballet which was totally magical. And finished the day with our final chats and preparation for the book and film launch next week. Doreen brought in what she is going to wear –  she raised the bar and we all upped the ante on our own outfits!Janice Parker

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