Popping Up Again

December 10th, 2018

“As usual, we finished the year in style, inviting everyone we had worked with over the past year to join us for prosecco and cake, conversation, conviviality and dancing. We even had a piper, our production manager Fi Johnston’s partner Caileen piped for us. Thinking of the highlights of the year: tthe workshops with folks from Glencairn Care Home, meeting Jackie Dennis, having Betty join our troupe and seeing her don tap shoes and dance for the first time in years, working on Festival Theatre’s archive and bringing it alive, the post in Lost Edinburgh and the amount of interest it garnered, putting putting clips of us dancing out on social media and seeing the response to it, Doreen’s solo Mood Indigo being performed at The Hidden Door Festival by Katie and and seeing another version of it re-created by three dancers from Skånes Dansteater in Sweden, celebrating birthdays, the book publication and film launch, teaching classes, dancing with Conni on Vancouver Island via skype and learning so much more about dance and dancers through conversation, dancing and sharing practice. The last word is Marie’s “at the time it didn’t occur to me for one moment that there would be any possibility of us popping up again. It’s wonderful” – Janice Parker

Published by Dominic Corr


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