Show Day

May 18th, 2019

What a brilliant success, nerves were running high, but of course, everyone surpassed their expectations of themselves. It never ceases to amaze me how much the women rise to an audience! True professionals and troupers, never shrinking violets. Marie danced as the audience entered, June led everyone in a seated dance and Doreen had Paul in fits of laughter. Everyone of course went off script (there is always so much more to tell) and Paul was kept on his toes trying to steer and keep us to our time. Truly authentic ‘liveness’, the thing which theatre and dance excel at. The atmosphere was electric, the audience cheered and laughed raucously. These women are witty and have a knack for comic timing, wit and irony, each in their inimitable style. Laura and Euan were brilliant in their performance debut as ’The Dancing Usherettes’, they were also on Front of House duty that day. Lots of their colleagues from the theatre came to cheer them on, collecting at the back of the audience. Sadly, Betty, who is just home from a spell in hospital, couldn’t join us so I had to sit in for her (a very poor imitation!). Paul and I told her story and showed lots of her photographs as well as film footage we had taken of her dancing now. Fingers crossed she will be with us next week for Show Two.Janice Parker

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