The Mystery Woman

October 14th, 2019

Marie’s podcast recording day at Festival Theatre which went well. Then Doreen, Katie and I talked on behalf of June’s life, her work and what dance meant to her. We also have our recordings of June which were made and transcribed for our book. Hopefully, Amanda will be able to use these and we can have June present in the podcasts in her own voice.

Ended today with a wee celebration for Doreen’s 88th Birthday. Always good to celebrate! And during the week Doreen and I went to the Equity party in Glasgow. Equity has moved to new offices and threw open the doors to celebrate, it was fabulous. There was Doreen’s photo on the wall as we walked in! There were introductions all-round to the ‘The Mystery Woman’ Doreen who was introduced to Lorne Boswell, Michael MacKenzie, and Maureen Beattie and of course vice-versa. A brilliant night. Janice Parker

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