Behind the Tabs

July 26th, 2016

June and her family at the theatre today, making a grand entry through stage door and feeling totally at home. We stayed backstage and first visited a dressing room to see one of June’s father, Roy Don’s, drawing framed on the wall and part of Festival Theatre’s archive. The whole family were really moved to see it and know it was there. June duly gave us a dance in the dressing room, caught on camera for our film, before heading for the Main Stage. A real trip down ‘memory lane’ says June. It was thrilling to be on stage, with the iron and tabs open so we could face the auditorium. Like Marie a few weeks before, June stood a while taking it all in, proud and in her element. She then commanded the stage with a dance, taught me a number to ‘Ain’t She Sweet’ which we ‘performed’ a couple of times and  had many pearls of wisdom to share about what went on behind the tabs, ‘nobody knows how hard we worked, the timing, the precision, the effort, to make it look easy’Janice Parker

Published by Dominic Corr

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