Meeting June

March 30th, 2016

June walks into the Empire Rooms with a flourish, totally at home and knowing she belongs. This grand entrance of hers we come to know and love. She never misses a beat, always loved her audience and possesses a wit and comic timing that had me captivated. She is the consummate professional, a raconteur and of course a dancer. Within a few minutes there are stories of her family – a long line of famous theatricals, and, she is performing solo in the middle of the room, as well as teaching me a routine and some “tricks of the trade” around a table top. Her professional life, she says “was laugh a minute.”

‘I am in heaven. I can’t believe I am in the presence of this magnetic this glorious woman who has so much to share, and so happy to have artist Martin O’Connor with us voice recording and also to have captured some ad hoc filming on the iphone of June dancing.

Thanks to June’s sister Sylvia Northcott who responded to our call out.
Janice Parker

Published by Dominic Corr

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