That Wee Black Box

April 16th, 2016

June arrives again with her sister Sylvia who brought a scrap book of family memorabilia. She has some lovely, precious stuff, including photos of June dancing, some of which I photographed along with some of the programmes. Again, spent well over two hours together. Showed June the footage of herself from last time – she didn’t love it – seeing her 89-year-old self-dancing! – but couldn’t hide how chuffed she was to have been filmed (ever the performer!) and christened my iPhone: “that great wee black box”.

We also played the voice recordings from last time, and both June and Sylvia were thrilled. Luckily for me June, and Sylvia, have a love of “going down memory lane”. I must make sure they have copies of everything. June also loves the archive in the Empire Rooms. “It’s great to preserve these things” she says.Janice Parker

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