Keeping Up

June 16th, 2016

“This was the second time meeting with Marie and another great one, managing to record some of our conversation. More singing and dancing, Marie is a brilliant and patient teacher and I promised I’d master the step she was teaching me for our next get-together.”

“More information on The Raymond Sisters. ‘Anchors Away’ was another one of their songs and I love that they tap danced to Scottish music, and also sang it of course!  Marie’s speciality was acrobatics and her dancing partner Audrey, tap-danced on pointe shoes. There was lots more detail this time about the costumes worn, the use of the microphone and type of steps they did. I floated the idea of visiting the Festival Theatre as our guest and Marie said yes. There is so much descriptive information being shared, dance routines, rehearsals, touring, costumes, band practice, digs and dates of when and where things happened, I can hardly keep up!”Janice Parker

Published by Dominic Corr

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