An Unexpected Direction

May 4th, 2016

“A meeting with Paul Hudson from Festival Theatre today. Bowled over by the vivacity, skills knowledge and energy of June and Marie, we begin talking about the potential and possibility of making a film with and about them and of them creating a live performance. A bold and unexpected direction has unfolded!  We decide to definitely record and document all we can. The women are stardust with so much to contribute. We plan to start talking with them and their families about our idea soon. How can there be two Variety Dancers, who have performed on the stage of the old Empire Theatre, and with such glorious personalities, living in the city of Edinburgh!”

“A reminder to myself – that all images and recordings we make are the property of the women and copies of everything will be given to them as we go along.”Janice Parker

Published by Dominic Corr

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