Photos in the Handbag

October 31st, 2016

Both Marie and June brought in photos today. The one of Marie doing a back-bend on a pole, she is so bendy!, and the one of June in a Moxon Girls line up. June had hers in her handbag, in the frame, so I think had taken it directly off the wall. Brilliant! Lots of chat about current and past dance careers, with Marie asking Katie what her goals were and what opportunities there were for a dancer today. It came up that maybe the closest opportunity to have a career similar to Marie’s today would be on cruise ships as there aren’t very many current Variety Shows. Marie remembers talking about this even being a possibility for her and Audrey had they carried on their act a bit longer. It was also great to have Marie’s daughters joining us today.

June went home in a cab today with Katie and pointed out where The Palladium Theatre on Lothian Rd was, the one her father Roy Don managed, and the flat where the family used to stay. A tour around Tollcross with June would be quite a thing! We should try and organize it. – Janice Parker

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