The Barre & The Bar

November 7th, 2016

We were in one of the Festival Theatre bars today and practised some of the steps we’ve been doing for a while now with our ballet barre at the bar!  Marie’s tap dancing generates a lot of interest from cleaners, carpet fitters and any other Festival Theatre staff who happen to be passing. Its great having this connection to the life of the building. Katie and Marie are great tapping together. In Katie’s words “It’s such a great feeling when I get it right and I love feeling like I’m in a double act with Marie” It is brilliant to witness. We also hosted Richard Ward from the University of Stirling today. It was great to have him join us and get his perspective on our work together. Next time we hope to get him dancing.   

June, Doreen and June’s son Gavin arrived the afternoon. It was a balletic afternoon. When June gets dancing, she automatically starts to choreograph. She isn’t so interested in technique or the correct way of doing things but puts lots of emphasis on feeling and sensation and the quality of movement. Somehow, we all ended up sat on chairs in a circle doing upper body ballet, following June’s movements and enjoying them. It is so nice to just indulge in the feeling of dancing and not worry about the aesthetic or the technique, and for all of that to be totally led by June and her love of dance felt very special.Janice Parker

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