Down Memory lane

November 14th, 2016

Tap dancer and dance lecturer Jo Turbitt came in this morning to meet Marie. The chat and the dance was great. Jo is really knowledgeable about the history of tap and really enthusiastic to know details about tappers who danced before her. Marie was keen to know about Jo’s hoofer American rhythm tapper style which is very different to her own. It was a great exchange of knowledge, both conversational and physical. It was great seeing them both teach, learn and work these new steps and styles out on their own bodies. And great in particular to see Marie learning new choreography from someone at her level rather than always teaching us, and a big learning moment for us to remember to have high expectations of the women. Anything is possible, they are dancers!

June, Gavin and Doreen arrived in the afternoon with a treasure chest of June’s memorabilia – a beautiful the metal case tied with a bow (of course!) and obviously something that had been in their family for a long time. Inside were photos of the Moxon girls and the Adaline Calder girls looking gorgeous. Doreen and June bounced memories off each other and the rest of us all learned a lot. It was beautiful watching them actively remembering things and people. There was also lots of Roy Don’s, June’s father, drawings in the chest. What a talent, one of his many. And the family are visibly really moved and proud, rightly so. Martin Clark was there to film and we got lots of today on camera. – Janice Parker

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