Pies & Prossecco

November 28th, 2016

Today was our ‘big finale’ as June’s son Gavin has been calling it. It was the final event of this year and we made it a big one, inviting friends and family, and Festival Theatre staff to join us. Quite a party!! We started off having a chat over a cup of tea which was really lively and funny. I suggested that we all quickly introduced ourselves round the table. June went first and chatted so much that no one else got a shot! What a laugh! We then got a few photos taken by Greg Macvean, a beautiful gesture instigated by Catherine Bromley from Festival Theatre. What professionals our women are (or is it posers?!). Even Marie who is not particularly keen on such displays of grandeur I’m sure secretly loved it!

Martin Clark our film-maker had edited together some rough footage for us all to watch. Exciting and a bit nerve-wracking. It went down really well though. You can see a real journey through everyone’s dancing and it really captured the feel of our time and work together.

To go with the film, as per Marie and June’s frequent requests, Gavin had brought us in some pies from Forsyth’s the Bakers in Peebles! He also brought in an oven and plugged it in and heated them (health and safety…yikes. These great folks of Variety Theatre are feisty and resourceful). The pies went down very well. I had macaroni and it was delicious! And to top it all Doreen, brought a bottle of prosecco in her handbag. Brilliant! And a great way to toast the end of our first year of working together. Here’s to us!Janice Parker

Pic Greg Macvean – 28/11/2016 – 07971 826 457 Janice Parker Project – Festival Theatre Edinburgh

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