Fancy That

June 26th, 2017

“Marie and Doreen with us today, we went over our steps and put them together in a few different ways. Great to be back in the line-up, speaking more about the live events in October. Doreen is rising to this and has a real spark after our week in the studio. Marie is more reluctant, or in her words ‘bewildered’! It’s a big step to take onboard – that people are interested in the work of older dancers and also to consider performing again, in front of an audience.”

“Posting clips on social media helps with this as we regularly get over a thousand hits. “Fancy that,” says Marie, who is still not convinced that we should and could do a show. Lots of chat today about and interest in other work that Katie and I are involved in. Dancers talking about dance is always a good thing.

“We were invited by Cerin Richardson from Festival Theatre to an exhibition launch in the studio, superb artwork on display. Also watched a short film about the artist, where he spoke a bit about his experiences living with dementia and his diagnosis. This spoke to Marie. Doreen gave Marie a lift home – it’s great seeing their blossoming friendship, such brilliant women!”Janice Parker

Published by Dominic Corr

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