So Much Potential

July 10th, 2017

“Lots happened today, not least June’s grand-daughter Keanna,also a professional dancer joined us and at June’s suggestion they duetted some seated tap together June was absolutely in her element and coming up with beautiful material and choreography – exciting!”

“Lots of chats between Marie, Doreen, Martin O’Connor and Katie about the classes Katie was teaching, about current contemporary dance practice, and about how Katie’s generation dance in nightclubs compared to how Marie and Doreen danced in ballrooms. Marie was very clued up about how young people move in clubs and gave a demonstration.”

“Also, lots of dance happening today, with Katie and I joining in at times but we could also step out, leaving the rest to it. Keanna added whole new energy and Millie, June’s youngest grand-daughter, is more than happy to get in amongst it. Beautiful things were happening with everyone bouncing off each other.

“Doreen spent a bit of time on Mood Indigo with Katie and Keanna which was great fun to do and looked fabulous as a duet. So much potential!”Janice Parker

Published by Dominic Corr

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