Testing The Waters

June 9th, 2017

The sharing session was well received, we had about 20 to 30 people show up and lots of colleagues and friendly faces. Unfortunately, June couldn’t be with us, we missed her, and she would be the first to say, the show must go on! The audience gathered and mingled with us, then were welcomed by Paul Hudson and myself, welcoming the audience and setting the scene.

What a great buzz! We started with a screening of raw footage from our soon-to-be film. Then we all tapped together showing routines we had choreographed, then performed some of June’s seated choreography, and finished-up withDoreen and Katie performing Mood Indigo.

People were smitten with Doreen’s beautiful description of the solo, the dress and the staging. We finished with a Q&A which ended with getting everyone to dance their way out of the room… which was a lovely moment, particularly when Marie took the lead and was showing off her best dancing self!

The applause was great, very much enjoyed and we were all on a high! I think neither Doreen nor Marie could quite believe that their work was quite so well received and relished. They were both nervous beforehand, and Doreen said to me at the end “you were right Janice. You were right. They did like it!” We finished with lots of informal chat with the audience and are definitely in a superb place, with exceptional material for October’s live event!Janice Parker

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