Dance is a Feeling

December 8th, 2017

In usual style, we had a huge end of season party with many guests; People who have supported us joined classes and workshops, come to meet us, take class or talk, share practice and find out more about the world of Variety Theatre. Plenty of prosecco (now An Audience With… tradition), thanks to Doreen who once again carried a bottle in her handbag so that we could toast our early tentative ambitions.

A big highlight of this gathering was a big mass tap dance where everyone in their own way, learned what we now call Marie’s step (the step Marie taught me on her kitchen floor the first time we met), interspersed with a few bars of what June calls ‘your own thing’ which is improvising anything you want, and then back to Marie’s step to end in unison (of sorts). Talk about the liberation of tap! It’s wonderful to lose the fear of getting it right or not being good enough and to enjoy the sheer thrill of it. I hear myself say something I say often – dance is not just a set of steps to be learned and mastered. It is also a feeling! Janice Parker

Published by Dominic Corr

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