April 16th, 2018

Back after our Easter break and ‘discovered’ The Truckin’ Dance. Doreen heard the lyric in ‘Macpherson is Rearsin’ to Swing (one of Marie’s dance numbers) “…truckin’ in the heather”. It is a fun dance and we had a real laugh recreating it. Both Marie and Doreen knew it instantly and were off demonstrating and teaching it. We then listened to The Janice Forsyth Show on Radio Scotland in the afternoon, because there was a feature on Variety Dance and Dancers in Glasgow Theatres. It would be really good to get a hold of it and follow-up on the people and the informationSome of the featured artists include Bob Bain – the Scottish archivist and historian and stalwart of The Scottish Music Hall Society, Johnny Rae with Walkin’ in the Rain, Betty Clarkson of Clarkson and Leslie, an illustrious dance duo with a huge output including dancing with Cliff and the Shadows – “the place was packed to suffocation”, Beryl Beattie, Vesta Tilley 1897 – 1963, Danny Kaye and Faye Lenore. 

Lots of chat followed and Doreen knows Betty Clarkson! Lots of following chats and we learned Doreen knows Betty Clarkson. She lives in Edinburgh and Doreen is going to get in touch with her and invite her to come and meet with us. Doreen pays me a great compliment saying to me ‘nothing is impossible and you will always find a way to make things happen”. Marie continues to be surprised and delighted “about the book and how it came about. It is a miracle. I thought this was all in the past and had no idea we would be doing this again. I didn’t think of anybody else being the least bit interested and to see a book about it is astonishing” And Doreen has sent our book to Conni in Vancouver and Karl, her nephew, in Florida. Books have also gone to Universities, Libraries, 25 DEEP groups, Chicago, Malmö, Barcelona, and to other UK Theatres. Hooray!Janice Parker

Published by Dominic Corr

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