An Invitation

May 14th, 2018

Tremendous news, Doreen has been invited to contribute to the ‘Leith is Where the Heart is’ part of The Hidden Door Festival. The invite has come from the brilliant Heather Marshall, director of Creative Electric whose project it is. Heather joined us today to discuss possibilities and potentials. The thought is to perform a new version of Doreen’s solo ‘Mood Indigo’ originally performed in Leith’s Gaiety Theatre in 1953. Doreen will work with Katie and me to re-create the work which will be responsive to the context and the performance space we will be in at Hidden Door. Doreen is a Leither through and through and of course, knows Leith Theatre from its heyday. It’s really exciting to have this opportunity and we will rehearse over the next few weeks. Thanks, Heather! Janice Parker

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