September 17th, 2018

The first week after the summer break and upon meeting Marie this morning, she asks if she has lipstick on. She doesn’t and as we search, outside with handbag on the wall, for her lipstick, she says; “I always have lipstick in my bag. I think a bit of lipstick brightens up the face”. Such style these women. It was fabulous to catch-up. Topics of conversation ranged from when the wearing of slacks came into fashion to monogamy and whether it was a good or a bad thing! We read about The Great Lafayette in Jack Gillon’s book ‘Edinburgh in the 1950’s’ – it’s an insightful, book and Doreen would like to visit Lafayette’s and Beauty the dog’s grave at Piershill Cemetery.

Another thing to follow up on is to contact Liz Lumsden who was at one of our parties. Liz is a Scottish step dancer and Doreen is interested in the technique, history and any similarities or differences to tap. This took us on to talking about Michael Flatley and his Lord of the Dance, which took us to Marie’s new tap shoes with the heel taps, where they came from and how they were made. We did a good google to find out. Also learned today that Doreen is a singer and sang weekly with James Farrier in the 1970s as Lady Dorinda in the choir at Dalhousie Castle. So many talents. And Marie ended the day by saying “dancing has always been an interest in my life. And all of a sudden I’m doing it again” and referring to us all as “long associates”. It’s good to be back!Janice Parker

Published by Dominic Corr

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