Nobody Loves a Fairy When They’re Forty

July 16th, 2018

“End of season party before our summer break, as usual, we invited folks who have joined us over the year, so had a very merry crew, including the folks from Glencairn Care home for whom we’ve now hosted a few workshops, Heather Marshall from Creative Electric, Martin O’Connor our book editor, and lots of Festival Theatre Staff, and to top it all Conni from Vancouver Island skyped in and joined us. I had also printed out all the photographs that have been taken to document our time together since 2016 – a mammoth task and a lot of photos (literally 100’s) to gift the women, but an important thing to do. In my mind, the photos belong to these women more than they belong to me.”

“It was also Paul Hudson’s last day with us. He is moving on in life and we shall miss him greatly. He has championed our work since the beginning, been instrumental in our sense of belonging, supported us to work with agency and autonomy and come up with many left-field ideas to keep us developing and expanding in what we do. And another farewell today is to Daisy Douglas who has been with us at different times since our show last year. We shall miss Daisy too and all that she brings. Good luck both and I hope we keep in touch. We had lots of cake, toasted with our traditional prosecco and all had a big mass dance together around the tap mats to Conni’s song of choice ‘Nobody Loves a Fairy When They’re Forty’!”Janice Parker

Published by Dominic Corr

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