Workshop, Ouija Board & Solo Swan Lake

October 22nd, 2018

“We hosted folks from Glencairn Care Home this afternoon and ran a workshop for them – great to see them again. The same joy at putting on tap shoes and reassuring to see the development and progression. Earlier in the day Katie, Marie and Doreen went up and looked around the Theatre Royal archive which is on the top level in Festival Theatre and that started a lot of good chat, including Doreen talking about the Ouija Board activity in the dressing room between the opening of the first half and the finale of shows. “There were eight dancers involved all looking for answers about their future beau’s!

Doreen was told in her training ‘As soon as you come into class wear your smile’‘, it has stuck with her to this day. She then went on to say “I’ve done a lot more telling about my past life this past year with An Audience With… than I’ve ever done before’. Lucky for us for these women are such holders of knowledge. “

“Marie’s dances a beautiful solo to Swan Lake at the table – luckily Katie filmed it – and went on to say “the music carried me, even when I was young. I love it. It is something in you and you can’t stop yourself. I’ve never really felt that I couldn’t dance, this grand old lady. My feet and legs are being asked to do quite a bit of digging from the past’Janice Parker

Published by Dominic Corr

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