Doreen’s 87th

October 15th, 2018

“Caught up on social media and we were delighted and surprised at how far the post of Doreen and Marie duetting has been shared and how often it has been viewed (over 3,000!). Jack Gillon’s Lost Edinburgh Post is also on Facebook and is fabulous. A glorious start to the celebrations. Doreen celebrated her 21st Birthday at The Empire with her Mum when they came to see The Jack Anthony Show. Talk about a full circle. June was able to join us, which was lovely, and warming to see these two pals together. It was a full house and a magnificent afternoon. Doreen talked about being sent to dancing classes by her Mum because she was always energetic, and Adaline (Calder, Madame Ada) not putting her dancers en-pointe until intermediate and even then Moira (Adaline’s partner) asking Doreen’s Mum if it was okay. “It never entered my head to be in anything other than the theatre. I never had a plan or a route that you can graduate into – dancers now don’t realise that” says Doreen.”

“Marie, who was taught by Marjorie Middleton, talked about going en-pointe when she was nine, saying “It was taken for granted in these early days and my feet are still okay for walking and haven’t been damaged in any way. It’s a bit late now anyway!”. Different teachers and schools always had their ways, methods and philosophies. Both women said though “once you learned the basics it was over to you” and that they were essentially “Doing what comes naturally”. Doreen also talked of her dancing pals Dorothy Sweetman and Anna Fettes, and at the weekend went to visit Middie Cockburn in Dundee and gave her one of our books. She was delighted with it and the visit. Ronnie and Middie Cockburn were great Variety Theatre stars. He was the manager for Johnny Victory and then became an impresario travelling to Canada and Australia. We ended the day with some free-forming chair dancing.” – Janice Parker

Published by Dominic Corr

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