Tea For Two

March 4th, 2019

“Tap lessons are going strong with lots of progressions made. Filmed Euan and Doreen duetting to one of Doreen’s routines and put it on Twitter and Facebook. Also practised our choreographed routine to ‘Tea for Two’, a mixture of Marie, Betty and Doreen’s style and steps, and as I predicted we have a line-up that we would like to put into our show in May! Great strides in only a few weeks of weekly half-hour lessons. Euan took his tap-shoes home to practice in the kitchen! It was great to be dancing full-out and beyond the learning and absolute beginners’ stage. We read through Catherine Bromley’s proposal for our contribution to the Festival Theatre’s 25th Anniversary celebration. It sounds good – us bringing the walls alive through linking personal memorabilia with the playbills and photographs in the framed archive on the walls of the corridors and landings of the Festival Theatre. Once we hear about funding and get the go-ahead, we will make a plan.

“Watched videos on YouTube – The Nicholas Bros, Eleanor Powell (“the best tap dancer and drummer in the world” says Doreen), Ruby Keeler’s typewriter routine, and Fred Astaire’s golf dance. Marie talking about her work with the Ganjou Brothers today and gave a great descriptive account of being “lifted and swung about by a strong man. Lifted by the ankles and balancing on his hand doing a backbend!” Also did some planning around our Luminate Show for May. Good chats and good planning and in Doreen’s words “Good people attract good people” And danced the Carioca today too.”Janice Parker

Published by Dominic Corr


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