It’s In The Bag

April 8th, 2019

“Filming day and what an occasion, it was great having all four women in the same room at the same time and of course all four loved being ‘on’ for the camera. Our prep paid off and Jude from Hot Button and her crew were excellent at giving the women agency and autonomy and dealing with all our quirks, including mine. Catherine from Festival Theatre had prepared in advance, and necessary frames were down from the walls and places made accessible for filming. It is incredible that each of the women has a direct personal link to the theatre’s archive and can illuminate and magnify, from lived experience, what the image or playbill contains and therefore what it means. June’s father, Roy Don’s ‘soot from the chimney’ drawings of the stars of the day and presented by the stars to the theatre, Marie’s Raymond Sisters playbill from 27th November 1944, Betty and Doreen’s playbills. These have been marvellous discoveries and a treasured thing to gift the Festival Theatre. Thanks to Catherine for coming to us with this idea and for facilitating and funding the film. Looking forward to seeing it. There was also some great dancing, with Millie, June’s grand-daughter, never one to miss the camera, dancing with us. It’s in the bag! And only a month until our show.”Janice Parker

Published by Dominic Corr

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