Show Copy

January 28th, 2018

Went over the copy for our show in May with Catherine Bromley, Festival Theatre’s Marketing & Press Manager, and agreed on ticket prices. Exciting! Festival Theatre staff Euan and Laura came back for another lesson. We practised last week’s step (Marie’s step) and started on the time step. Euan thought he might have tap shoes at home because he “bought a pair when he was young but was too scared to go”. Ah, the secret tap dancer within us all and the joy of finding a fear-free approach. Also got our first tap shoe donation – thanks Lorna Hoy. Doreen brought in her autograph book with ‘Little Annette’s’ autograph in it. Lovely to see. And talked about Peter Borough and Archibald Armstrong a ventriloquist and dummy on the radio! O the radio. A ventriloquist on the radio, how clever is that! It did make us laugh, especially when Doreen said she’d ‘never really thought about it before!’  Also chatted about Pringles Theatre on Elm Row Leith Walk, which latterly became The Gateway Theatre and had many incarnations, owners and names both before and after that. It finally closed in 2006 and was demolished soon after; and about The Wilson Barrett Repertory Company whose headquarters were in Edinburgh until somewhere in the 1950’s.Janice Parker

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