Pastures New

December 2nd, 2019

“Our penultimate day in Festival Theatre. It will be sad to leave after four years of feeling part of the family, but we understand that things change and move on. We have had a very good inning.”

“Chatted about The White Heather Club, which ended in 1968, and how many of the Variety Dancers went on to dance in The White Heather Club Shows. Doreen asked for more of our business cards to be printed as she wants to spread the word and see if any dancers from these transition days, between Variety Theatre and TV, would be interested to meet with us.”

“Euan brought in a copy of his new book, ‘Never Ever Take Anybody’s Advice on Anything’, hot off the press. We are delighted for him and can’t quite believe that ‘our’ Euan has a published book. A man of many talents. He graciously gifted us with a signed copy. Everybody is in great form. Marie is back to her old self and is fully over her hip operation. Lots of party planning for next week. It’s going to be a big one.”Janice Parker

Published by Dominic Corr

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