The Shoulders We Stand On

November 25th, 2019

“Excellent to host our friends from Glencairn Care Home once again. Everyone is improving, leading things off and generally in their element. Also, lots of chat and information shared – podcasting potential for the future perhaps!”

“Learned about the old Plaza in Morningside, Friday night was Plaza night and you hoped you’d get a click. The Palais de Danse in Fountainbridge had a revolving stage and the band would finish the set and another band would start, at the stage would revolve and reveal the other band without a break between the numbers. There was no alcohol, just tea, coffee, lemonade or orange. It was 2/6 to get in.”

“We also heard the sad news that Bob Bain has passed away. Bob was a champion of Scotland’s Variety and Music Hall culture, an archivist and collector, a fountain of knowledge, an activist and speaker and stalwart of The Scottish Music Hall and Variety Theatre Society.”

“He was also a good friend of June, Doreen and Betty and came to see our shows, commenting that “he had known them for years but had never seen them dance”! He shall be missed. And we have also lost William Mowat-Thomson, still teaching at the age of 85, taught ballet by Marie’s teacher, Marjorie Middleton, and started The Theatre School of Dance and Drama in Stockbridge where Doreen knew and worked with him. A sad day for dance and Variety – the shoulders we stand on.”Janice Parker

Published by Dominic Corr

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