On The Road

January 20th, 2020

“We all met at Betty’s house today, it was a bouncing, bubbly day including a bottle of fizz chilling in Betty’s fridge “for the girls”, and wonderful to see everyone again after our Christmas break.

A new dancer Libby Day joined us and we hope Libby will become a regular with us and support with transport, getting us from A-to-D and mucking in generally with all that happens, planned and spontaneous, when we meet on Mondays. We danced in Betty’s kitchen amongst the many cakes and biscuits laid out for us, and caught a glimpse of Betty’s 99th birthday cake candles, leftover from her December birthday celebration.

Lovely chat was had – lots about Pringles Variety Theatre, which became The Gateway Theatre on Leith Walk, and when Betty and Doreen danced together in a show in the Gaiety in Leith – when Doreen was about 19 and Betty was filling in for another dancer and the cost of tickets for The Music Hall in Sydney, and we were in awe to hear that Betty met Cyd Charisse, though we’re certainly not surprised!”

Published by Dominic Corr


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