The Kitchenettes

January 27th, 2020

‘This week we met at Doreen’s house and transported some of our tap mats to dance on her kitchen floor. Katie had the inspired idea to name us ‘The Kitchenettes’! It feels very apt for this next stage of our time together, and perhaps we could dance in kitchens around the city? We added ‘Shuffle Up to Buffalo’ to our playlist and started to develop a new dance number to it, with some good chat had between dances.

Doreen then talks about never owning tap shoes when she was performing – they always belonged to someone else in the troupe with the same size of feet. We also chatted about inviting Bill Bain back to talk with us, Doreen met him through the Scottish Music Hall and Variety Theatre Association and invited him to last years Christmas Party. He was a stagehand and staying on the technical side of the profession he knew many of the big acts of the time and has many a story to tell. Bill is a brilliant character with much knowledge and information to pass on.

Published by Dominic Corr

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