The Last Post

February 24th, 2020

‘Who could have foreseen that this would be our last time together for many many months to come due to the world pandemic of Covid-19?

So many plans, possibilities and potentials put on hold. We spent the morning with Marie at Morlich House and then the afternoon at Doreen’s planning our next steps. The Saltire Society had invited us to join them on Mondays in their gorgeous offices on the Royal Mile, and from there we were going to record a series of podcasts, building on the ones we made for the Festival Theatre. Tap mats were to be taken, and dancing and teaching to begin using chair backs in place of our ballet barres. We had also had a conversation about performing a Fringe Show there in August as one of the Saltire Society’s invited guests.

And then in March we sadly lost Betty to ‘the big cabaret in the sky’ and were not able to go to her funeral. So, until such times as we can get together again our words of wisdom to share are:

There is no time like the present, live in the moment, time spent together is precious, and we are so glad of times already spent together.

Published by Dominic Corr

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