A 94th Birthday

May 22nd, 2017

“Big day today. Firstly, we’re celebrating Marie’s 94th Birthday. 94!!!! She came with her daughter and partner. Also, June was discharged from the hospital today, and she came straight from the hospital to the theatre to join us. Just amazing!”

“We did some great dancing with gorgeous moments where you could see how proud Marie’s family were. Her daughter’s partner danced professionally in the 80s in a Dutch Contemporary Company, and it was brilliant to see him and Marie duet together!

“June, straight from her stay in the hospital, insisted on coming to the theatre first before going home. She was meant to be using a zimmer frame for support. However, wee June Don wil not be walking the theatre with it and it remained strapped to the roof of her son Gavin’s car. She kept saying ‘who’d have thought wee June Don would be walking around the Empire Theatre with a zimmer frame’. She was still in her slippers and we have a great moment on film when her slippers are exchanged for tap shoes, and she starts to lead us off in a seated choreography! What a woman! What a brilliant day!” Janice Parker

Published by Dominic Corr


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