Being A Dancer

March 20th, 2017

Just Katie and Marie today, dancing for almost an hour and building on the sequence that they have been working on together.

Katie’s words; ‘In order to fit in all our steps with the music, we were having to add to the beginning and move stuff around within the combo, quite complex really, and Marie was in her element. Doreen and Janice came in the afternoon for a lovely chat over tea and Jammy Dodgers (essential). It’s interesting when Janice shares her practice and training with us, all very new to Marie and Doreen, and there are real interests and genuine great conversation around different ways of working with dance. On the bus home, Marie said “it was good to hear that dance is still going and that there are lots of dancers in Edinburgh and they don’t all have to go down to London. But more and more I’m amazed at how much ‘being a dancer’ has changed over the years.’ – Janice Parker & Katie Miller

Published by Dominic Corr

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