September 17th, 2018 The first week after the summer break and upon meeting Marie this morning, she asks if she has lipstick on. She doesn’t and as we search, outside with handbag on the wall, for her lipstick, she says; “I always have lipstick in my bag. I think a bit of lipstick brightens upContinue reading “Lippy”

Nobody Loves a Fairy When They’re Forty

July 16th, 2018 “End of season party before our summer break, as usual, we invited folks who have joined us over the year, so had a very merry crew, including the folks from Glencairn Care home for whom we’ve now hosted a few workshops, Heather Marshall from Creative Electric, Martin O’Connor our book editor, andContinue reading “Nobody Loves a Fairy When They’re Forty”


May 21st, 2018 Marie’s 95th birthday celebration, and while she says she doesn’t want a fuss, we choose to ignore that (she secretly loves a fuss!). Her family arrive in the afternoon to celebrate, bringing Marie’s suitcase of memorabilia with them, including the white tap shoes from her Raymond Sister days.  She has been askingContinue reading “Reunion”

Maniacal Women

April 23rd, 2018 “Busy day! June is back with us after a spell of ill health and it is wonderful to see her. Today we are in the Millburn bar, which is a wee bit tricky as it is hard to get the tap-mats there, but everyone loves the space because of its openness andContinue reading “Maniacal Women”

Happy Endings

February 19th, 2018 We got our ipad mini today! It is great for researching dancers, and dance film clips as well as for playing our music.  We watched clips of Wayne McGregor, DV8, Ana Teresa der Keersmaker, NDT, Gotenberg Dance Co., CanDoCo, Jerome Bel and Batsheva Dance Company, The Nicholas Brothers on you tube, clipsContinue reading “Happy Endings”

The Slosh

January 22nd, 2018 Marie wonders where her white tap shoes are from her Raymond Sisters days and would like to see theml; “to see if my feet can still manage to do it”. She also asks for a tap on her heel. Time to order new tap shoes!  We watch video footage from our endContinue reading “The Slosh”

65 Years Later

January 15th, 2018 The first Monday gathering of 2018 and we are joined by Hannah and Paul from Festival Theatre. We watched a video that had been sent to me before Christmas by dancers from Skånes Dance Theatre in Malmö, Sweden (I had been invited to work with them in December to mentor three ofContinue reading “65 Years Later”

Dance is a Feeling

December 8th, 2017 In usual style, we had a huge end of season party with many guests; People who have supported us joined classes and workshops, come to meet us, take class or talk, share practice and find out more about the world of Variety Theatre. Plenty of prosecco (now An Audience With… tradition), thanksContinue reading “Dance is a Feeling”

Sharing Practice

November 27th, 2017 “A day of presentations by two artists, Janice Parker Projects and the Saltire Society has supported (with bursaries) Abi Watson and Julia both quite different artists making different kinds of work in different parts of Scotland. A really interesting day, of sharing practice between different generations and another great day of hostingContinue reading “Sharing Practice”

The Walls Come Alive

October 21st, 26th & 28th, 2017 We are sold out! All 3 shows! There is still a huge demand for tickets, even a personal letter to Paul HUdson to pleade for one from the Festival Theatre, to plead for one. The excitement is palpable. We opened our dress run to an invited audience and thisContinue reading “The Walls Come Alive”